Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church in Americus, GA is dedicated to glorifying God by making disciples of all nations who, connect to God, connect to others, and connect to the world.

Welcome to KotH. KotH is a game of deception, intrigue, and elimination.

Your mission is simple……eliminate your target before you are eliminated. Much

like any game though, there are rules that must be followed.


1. The first rule of KotH is you do not talk about KotH…..wait wrong game.


2. KotH is a game in which you must attack and eliminate your target by

hitting them with water. This can be done either with the water gun that

has been provided, or by any other means necessary. (This can include but

is not limited to a cup, a water balloon, any other water gun you own, or a

water bottle with a hole in the lid.)


3. All attacks must occur outside. If you try to eliminate your opponent while

inside the elimination will not count and you will have just told your

opponent who has their name. (Inside is defined as an area with four walls

and a roof. Underneath a pavilion or under a carport does not count as


4. Targets will initially be sent out by text at midnight on the day that the

contest begins. You will have 24 hours to respond that you have received

the text. Once the text has been sent the game begins.


5. If you are eliminated you must give your targets name to the person who

eliminates you. You are then out of the game and you must not let the

person know who then has their name.


6. Safe Zones: One hour before church begins and one hour after it ends there may be no eliminations.(Ex. on Wednesdays church is from 6:00-7:30 so there will be no eliminations allowed from 5:00-8:30)

The church property is always considered a safe zone in which there can be no



7. Eliminating people from a moving vehicle is fine however; you cannot

eliminate someone who is in a car.


190 Upper River Road

Americus , GA 31709

Office: (229) 924-4092

Email: worship@cbcamericus.org

Sunday services

8:30 AM: Small Group (without childcare)

9:30 AM: Corporate Worship

11:00 AM: Small Groups (with childcare)


At Central Baptist Church, we strive to be a church that makes disciples who connect to God, connect to others, and connect to the world. We would love it if you chose to join us in this mission.

-Dr. Bryan C. Myers, Pastor